Combat Power Progression

TITANIUM can be earned by anyone for free by playing the game.
TITANIUM is a core resource that is required for progression in
Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict.


  • Main Mission

  • Daily Mission

  • Titanium Island

  • Game Event

  • Aliance vs. Aliance

  • Server vs. Server


  • Jet Production
    & Upgrade

  • Ship Production
    & Upgrade

  • Aircraft Production
    & Upgrade

  • Equipment Crafting
    & Upgrade

  • Building Upgrade

  • Advanced Research

How to Earn

  • 1. TITANIUM Investment Center

    1) You can invest and purchase TITANIUM at a TITANIUM Investment Center that is at least Lv.1.

    2) You can create MILICO at a TITANIUM Investment Center that is at least Lv.18.

  • 2. Certificate

    1) In order to convert TITANIUM that you have acquired in-game to MILICO, you need certificates.

    2) The certificate to MILICO ratio is 1:1.

  • 3. TITANIUM Investment & Certificate Acquisition

    1) You can invest TITANIUM at a TITANIUM Investment Center and acquire certificates.

    2) The number of certificates that can be issued daily is decided by the amount of active users and created MILICO of the previous day.

    3) The number of certificates that you can receive is decided by your share of the total amount of TITANIUM invested by all users in-game.
    - Decimals that go beyond two decimal places are ignored.
    - Certificates are granted for whole numbers; for decimals, certificate fragments are provided.
    - You can convert 100 certificate fragments for a certificate.
    - Certificates and certificate fragments are not issued if your share is below 0.01%.
    - TITANIUM invested for acquiring certificates will not be eligible for refunds.
    - Each day resets at 00:00 (UTC).
    - Calculation period will take place at 23:30 - 24:00 (UTC). You will not be able to invest during this period.

  • 4. Purchasing TITANIUM

    1) Purchasing through certificates
    - You can purchase TITANIUM as long as you have at least 1 certificate.

    2) Purchasing with Gems
    - You can purchase TITANIUM with gems.
    (The value of 1 certificate will be compared with the value of gems.)

0.2822 -6.00%
Last updated on 3 4 2022, 05:06(UTC)
$1.4087 -6.00%
Last updated on 3 4 2022, 05:06(UTC)

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